The Sabre Edge

Here are six ways Sabre gives you a distinct edge in meeting and exceeding the efficiency, productivity and profitability goals in your operation.

1. Durability

Through exhaustive validation and testing to create SABREFRAME™ and backing it with the industry-leading SABRESHIELD™ structural warranty.

2. Reliability

Engineered into every aspect of Sabre’s operation, from the automotive bundling and routing with an exclusive, sealed multiplex Body Control Module to our cab door with 96,000 cycles of testing.

3. Serviceability

ACCESS360™ Serviceability with numerous engineered accommodations to ease service and maintenance, including 27 service checks that can be accessed from ground level.

4. Customization

Driver-optimized features, such as SABRETUNED™ Seat and Cab Suspension System, that promotes safe and productive operation.

5. Comfort & Safety

Driver-optimized features such as SabreTuned™ Seat and Cab Suspension System that promote safe and productive operation

6. Customer Care

Thorough and responsive attention to your needs through our exclusive customer promise: C3—the Capacity Customer Commitment.